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 Which Process Will Sand Washer Be Used ? (0 Replies, Read 1333 times)
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According to the design and working principle, sand washing machine can be divided into bucket sand washer, mineral sand washer, artificial sand washer, spiral washer, and other different kinds of sand washer. Sand washing machine is widely used for cleaning and decontamination in sand and gravel plant, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower industry, with high efficiency, simple structure, large capacity, small power consumption and other advantages.

The sand washer manufactured by our company has wide range of applications in the industries of mining, gravel field, building material, transportation, chemical engineering, water conservancy and hydropower and concrete mixing plant. So which processes will the sand washing machine be used?

First, when minerals are selected through the photo-electricity magnetic separation process, it is not easy to tell the good minerals and bad minerals influenced by the sludge on the surface of the minerals, which will decrease the effect and efficiency of beneficiation. In this case, the sand washing machine is needed.

Second, when there are bulk barren rocks mixing among the minerals, the sand washing machine will be needed for the desliming process of the fine grains.

Third, when the silt content of the sand and stones is too much, the blocking problem will happen to the crusher, screen and the opening of the ore storage bin, which will result in the production stagnancy. In this situation, we can use sand washers to solve this problem.

Fourth, there are not so much in common about the electability of some natural slurry and ore blocks (such as floatability and magnetism), so we can get good beneficiation effect after separating sand and slurry from the minerals.

Just like many other industries, the sand washing industry went through the economic stagnancy and suffered from certain degree of negative influence in the past year of 2013. In the new year of 2014, all industries are expecting a long range development with a new look

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