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 American casual footwear brand Toms Shoes Inc charity seeking to sell (0 Replies, Read 2513 times)
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National casual footwear brand nonprofit charities Toms Shoes Inc. Has got hired bankers looking to market. Although the exact market value within the outside world is uncertain Toms Shoes Inc., But have seen people sell their articles of association, stated the brand up for sale $ 800 million.

Toms Shoes Inc. Was Black Mycoskie founded in toms shoes 2006 in Los Angeles, the brand, and actively do good in the footwear business action, while advocating "sold you get one free" charitable means, that the sale of every fashion footwear donated Pianxiang poor babies pair of shoes in the past eight a long time has been to 59 babies in developing  countries, like China, donated more than eight million pairs of shoes.

African american Mycoskie recent years to Toms Shoes Inc. Sunglasses as well as coffee beans to expand the toms kids shoes organization, the company in 2013 earnings of approximately $ 250 million,  of which approximately 30% via its website.

toms outlet and boots Inc Doug Piwinshi older vice president of global marketing and marketing communications company hopes to introduce exterior investors admit to promote the development told WWD visit, he / she said: "Our business contains a huge potential for development Toms founder is looking for guidance. firm to faster growth in addition to expansion and accelerate it is long-term growth potential expenditure partner program. "

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