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 You Must Care for Operation of Flotation Cells! (0 Replies, Read 6831 times)
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Flotation cell (also called flotation separator or flotation mahcine) is applicable for the separation of nonferrous metal, ferrous metal and nonmetal, such as fluorite and talc. Compared with flotation cells, its uniqueness lies in big size, lower power loss and light wear and tear of the impeller. Flotation machine is commonly used ore flotation equipment in the ore dressing plants and plays a crucial role in the fast development of mining industry in China. But do you know what need we pay attention to the operation of flotatin cells?

The flotation machine (also called flotation separators or flotation cells) by the motor to drive triangle impeller rotates, centrifugal effect to form the negative pressure, on the one hand, plenty of air inhaled mixed with pulp, on the one hand, mixing slurry mixed with drugs, refining the bubble at the same time, make the mineral adhesive foam, float to the pulp surface to form the mineralized froth.Adjusting the damper height, control the liquid level, making useful foam by scraper scrape. And what you need to notice to the flotation cells is as folows:

1, after checking before driving, and contact the fluctuation process rear can start.

2, drive sequence is: according to the gate on the switch, press the start button.

3, after driving, it is forbidden to use the hand touch rotating parts, etc.

4, flotation machine, work ability and the work time just like any other mining machine is determined by the maintenance and maintain for all three to four months of work part of the normal work of the main parts of examination, but in the new flotation machine work the first few months should be regularly check;

5, only skilled personnel can check.

6, in order to ensure timely replacement parts, in order to reduce downtime, we must always keep a complete set of spare parts warehouse.According to different cases, to determine the use of parts, the date and reserves.

7, must make the pledge that we shall give flotation machine operator of some of the technical guidance and training, make he fully familiar with the machine.

8, in order to avoid dirt and worthless things mixed with oil, appropriately when oil filter, when flotation machine
is working, the oil cover should be sealed.

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