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 Crushers Gives the Second Life for Waste Resources (0 Replies, Read 6854 times)
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Building waste is the representatives of solid waste, such as concrete, bricks and tile which comes from the transformation of the old city, is ultimately a natural rock and clay produced by crushing. So we need to use construction debris efficiently.Environmental issues have become increasingly prominent, and economic development always will be constrained, so economic model to synchronize with environmental protection is worth to be explored, and construction waste recycling strongly encouraged is based on this. Some traditional crusher equipment can be used for recycling of waste resources.

According to the dust production conditions and environment within the crusher’s cavity, we should make good sealing of the feeding and unloading departments which are the two main dust production sources. Then we can use the draught fan to blow the dust and use the wet filtering dust catcher to clean the air. As is known, the wet crushing and screening technology is the best way to reduce the dust pollution to the crushing and screening plant. We can apply the wet crushing method in a proper situation to improve the unreasonable production technology which causes the frequent dust raising problem and abandon the equipment suffering serious pollution.

Currently, there are many kinds of crushing equipment, such as short head cone crusher used for fine crushing, medium cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, fine type of jaw crusher, etc. The ultra-fine crusher appearing in recent years can output finer granularity products, while the new varieties designed by impact crusher can be used for coarse and medium crushing equipment. According to different requirements of customers, higher requirements on crushing effect in crushing field are increasingly common.

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